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Visit Known For Lounges to Find High-Quality Furniture in Vineyard

Australian homeowners deserve the best for their furniture, and we’re committed to producing and providing excellent designs for lounges, sofas, and other furniture in Vineyard. We believe that custom furniture isn’t a luxury that should remain out-of-reach for working families, so we’ve taken steps to ensure that you can enjoy a custom design with wholesale prices to make your dream furniture a reality.

What You Can Expect from Known For Lounges for Your Home Theatre Lounge in Vineyard

We work with Australian families to provide well-crafted furniture that’s ideally suited for their homes. When you order from us, you can always expect:


  • Exceptional customer service that’s oriented to your needs. Our team is family, and we treat you as though you’re one of us. We’ll listen carefully to discern what you’re looking for and help you design a lounge that fits your home perfectly. Let us help you find your next sofa in Vineyard.

  • A broad selection of elegant, attractive, and comfortable fabrics. Browse through numerous colours, styles, and materials to find the lounge fabric that’s ideal for your lounge or home theatre.

  • Selections ranging from modern designs to traditional, including contemporary patterns and shapes that represent the best that modern furniture design has to offer. We have experience with nearly every style of sofa and lounge, so we’ll be able to help you find something that suits you well.


Why You Should Buy from Known For Lounges


Furniture is an investment, and no family wants to make a major purchase for their home without knowing for certain that they’ve made a sensible choice. There are several reasons why our offerings stand out from the crowd.


  • We’ve spent decades building a reputation for excellence within the community. We started in the furniture business more than 50 years ago and passed it down through the generations, so it remains family-owned and operated to this day. It’s no exaggeration to say that an excellent sense of furniture runs in our blood.

  • The majority of our products are Australian-made and represent the pinnacle of domestic production. We carefully produce each item and ensure that it meets the most stringent standards for quality.

  • We always offer excellent value to our customers. Year-round, we offer sales that allow you to find top-quality furniture at a warehouse in Vineyard.


When you combine our positive reputation, exceptional quality, and competitive prices, it’s clear that you should visit our furniture store in Vineyard to find the next addition to your home.


About Known For Lounges


Our business is customer-oriented every step of the way. As a family business, we take pride in what we do. Whenever you speak with someone at Known For Lounges, you’re speaking with a team member who is fully invested in helping you find high-quality furniture that will look as good as it feels. 


We believe that there’s a significant difference between mass-produced furniture and something designed specifically for your home and your taste. Contact us to ask about the custom design process or visit our Vineyard location to see our showroom.

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