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Corner Lounges &
Modular Sofas

Known for Lounges is a top furniture store that offers custom-made corner and modular lounges. Our skilled craftsmen use high-quality materials to create comfortable and stylish lounges that last. Whether you need a corner lounge or a modular lounge, Known for Lounges has got you covered. Visit us today for the ultimate in comfort and style!

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Corner Lounges, L shape Lounges & Modular Lounges Offer Flexibility to Fit a Sofa to Any Room  

What You Can Expect from Known For Lounges Regarding Modular Lounge Suites

Modular lounges, Corner Lounges & L shape Lounges offer a vast range of combinations to help you create the lounge suite of your dreams. Known For Lounges provides you with lounges whether you prefer a modern or traditional style—we can even guide you in choosing between leather and fabric lounges. Learn how we ensure that you get the best quality possible. We promise to find style and comfort to suit your needs.

We are passionate about finding the right lounge suites for you, and we believe that there are many advantages to purchasing a modular sofa. Discover why the various configurations offered by modular lounges can serve you well as you plan the living space of your dreams. 

  • A modular suite offers tremendous flexibility. You can customise the pieces to get the correct size and shape for your space, even when a traditional sofa won’t fit. A modular suite allows you to work around inconveniences such as awkward corners and unlock the exact size to suit your space. A corner modular lounge solves many space-planning issues, allowing you to transform an unused area of the room into a beautiful, well-used space. 

  • Modular suites and Corner Lounges is easy to move. When modular leather lounges arrive, each section is smaller than a traditional sofa, which may be too long to get around corners or too wide to manage through narrow doors. 

  • L shape lounges are advantageous if you have children who are prone to spilling drinks or dogs with dirty paws. If your pet destroys one section, you can replace it without having to give up the entire piece as you would with a traditional sofa. 

  • You have creative freedom when you choose modular fabric lounges. Why not mix and match fabrics for a look that no one else can replicate? You will know for certain that the design is one-of-a-kind. 

  • When it’s time to gather everyone together to watch a movie, you have options, from sitting side by side to lying with your feet up, or maybe you’d prefer a quiet night at home by yourself, snuggling up with a book. The modular lounge lets you sit up straight or lie flat—it’s up to you.

Modular lounges are the most versatile pieces for lounging and the ultimate staples for urban living. These lounges offer great flexibility and adapt easily to suit any living space and the evolving needs of your home. Modular or corner lounges can be used to seat two people or can be extended into big L or U-shapes to accommodate many family members or guests.

Corner Lounge Suites – A Wide Range of Options to Suit Any Space and Style

Looking for corner lounge suites for your cosy apartment or large living room? At Known For Lounges, we create corner lounges in a range of sizes for small living spaces to larger corner lounge suites that can seat the whole family. Our modular lounges are made up of single pieces that can be rearranged to create different formations so that you can change the layout of your seating area depending on the occasion. These modular lounges can create a cosy corner for reading or a spacious seating area for entertaining.


Our corner lounges are carefully designed to enhance your living space instantly with its chic and comfortable seating. The modular design permits you to arrange it to fit any room size, making it the most flexible sofa you can find.

Buy Modular Lounges for Maximum Enjoyment

Modular lounges are the perfect option for people who love lounging and sitting on comfortable seating to watch TV, read, or just unwind from a hectic long day at work. Our corner lounge suites provide a stylish, airy look and come with deep, generous seats that make you sink into luxury while sitting down and relaxing with your whole family. Our small corner lounge has a more casual look and can be an appealing option for your living room, coffee shops, and more.

We have more than 50 years of combined experience from three generations. We are a family-owned business that takes pride in the fact that 90% of our products are Australian-made and we do also offer a range of quality imported lounges as well. Our work includes customising a lounge to meet all your specifications. You won’t find a better place for sofas and lounges for your home in Sydney. 

We want you to return to us again and again, satisfied that we offer the best customer service in Australia. Stop by our showroom and let us help you choose the best lounge for your home. For high-quality options at unbeatable prices, look to us for your next lounge purchase—please contact us with any questions.

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