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Home Theatre Lounges & Media Room Reclining Suites

Our Extensive range of Home Theatre Lounges & Media Room Recliners can be customised to size & colour.

Known For Lounges in Sydney can create your Dream Comfy Theatre room Lounge Suite today!

Cinema rooms are becoming a very popular space in every new family home! At Known For Lounges we have a vast selection of Theatre Lounges, Cinema room lounges, and Media Sofas that are all able to be customised to your Theatre room measurements.
We know finding the right theatre electric lounge to fit can be hard... but we have made it our aim to create an easy purchase in our Sydney showrooms-- which display to you our competitive range of media lounge styles, fabrics, leather, consoles, and extra features you can choose from to create the ultimate home theatre reclining experience with your family. Visit us today...

Home Theatre Lounges on range on sale now!

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Unbeatable Theatre Lounge Selection, Unbelievable custom theatre options...
Unbeatable Prices

Theatre Lounges: The Perfect Home Theatre Solution

If you’re shopping for theatre lounges, then you are likely planning to construct and outfit a home theatre. Home theatres are lovely additions to any house, giving you a space in which you can relax and entertain in style and comfort. A home theatre recliner lounge is a luxurious option that gives you and your guests a comfortable way to sit back and enjoy the show. You can find custom theatre lounges and much more at Known For Lounges

Tips for Getting More Value out of Your Home Theatre Lounge

As you’re planning the design of your theatre room, get the most out of your layout with a few simple tips. 

  • Consider your seating placement approach. If you are turning an existing room into a home theatre, then start with the size of the room and determine how many seats you need. If your home theatre will be an addition or you are designing your house from scratch, then consider how many seats you want and adjust the size of the room accordingly. 

  • Plan for primary and secondary seats. One thing to consider is mixing up the seating to add interest and optimise space. For example, if you have four people in your family, you might choose four recliners plus bean bags, a couch or two, and a bar area to accommodate extra guests for special events. 

  • Position your seats well. There are a few things to consider when choosing the placement of your seats. Make sure that all seats have a clear view of the screen; you might want to install risers to accomplish this goal. Also, make sure that seats are not too close to surround-sound speakers or the back wall for the best sound experience. 

Tips Regarding Choosing a Custom Theatre Lounge or Other Seating

When you’re looking to create the best home theatre experience possible, seating is one of the most critical factors. You want your seating to be comfortable and functional as well as attractive—imagine the appeal of an electric home theatre lounge. Here are a few tips for choosing the right seating. 


  • Consider the size of your home theatre. A large sofa or theatre lounge may fit perfectly in a spacious room but overwhelm a smaller one. Choose your furniture based on the space that you have available. 

  • Don’t overlook the details: a few small accessories can elevate your setup above the norm. You can find home theatre furniture with special extras such as cup holders and armrests. 

  • Determine which material is best for your furniture. Many people prefer the look and feel of leather because it’s sophisticated, easy to keep clean, and lasts years, but you and your family or guests might prefer fabric seating, which is cosy, soft, breathable, and versatile. 

About Known For Lounges

At Known For Lounges, we can provide you with exactly what you want for your new home theatre. We offer custom lounges, recliners, sofas, and more in a wide range of styles. We have decades of industry experience and are proud of our track record. We offer excellent customer service, top quality, and unbeatable prices. If you’re looking for luxurious home theatre furniture at a price that won’t bust your budget, contact us today.

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